Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tooting my own horn

Hehe.. toot.

I just had a bunch of work dumped on me that I kind of anticipated but the workload far exceeded what I was really expecting. But, like the good worker bee that I am, I took it in stride. Once I realized my attitude towards the situation I sat back and thought, "I really am the shit." This company is lucky to have me because I don't crumble under the pressure of more work and just smile and nod when they tell me what I need to do. It's not that I always enjoy the work that's handed off to me but I understand it needs to be done and apparently I'm the best bet that it'll get done without a complaint. I don't shit bricks over it like I know some people would. They're perfectly capable of the task at hand but they still have to bitch about it while they do it.

And I'm alright.