Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hook on a Feeling

My new work friend, Groot.
Meet my new work friend, Groot. He's a bobble head so he dances a little but if he dances too much he will fall over. Also feel free to admire my Incredibles coffee mug.

As you can probably tell I'm a big fan of Marvel's newest installment in their massive movie universe, The Guardians of the Galaxy. It definitely surpassed any expectation I had of it. It's not that I had low expectations for the movie, it's just that I had no idea what I was getting into but the trailers had me sold. I knew it would at least be a fun, silly, action movie but after leaving the theater it was above all, memorable. The music was fitting, Chris Pratt was amazing, and the sets and CGI were incredible. It's been a long time since a movie has been able to really bring me into the environment. Like when you feel like you're there even though it's so alien and futuristic. Before the movie was over I was already imagining myself in the Milano, flying around colorful galaxies, listening to the Awesome Mix. Vol. 1. I had my doubts about Bradley Cooper as Rocket from what I had seen in the trailers. Again, I had no real expectations of a character I knew nothing about but the voice didn't seem to fit and he just seemed to be there for vulgar one-liners. I was proven wrong almost right away. Rocket's banter with the rest of the Guardians and his relationship with Groot really won me over. I'm ready to see the movie again and to own the DVD/Blu-ray, and excited for what GotG 2 will bring us.

"I need that guy's leg."
Work has been a super bummer as usual. Well, the only highlight of last week was that the power went out Wednesday and we didn't have to go in to work. But on the other hand they had to throw away all the food that was kept in the fridges or freezer, which is a bummer considering I thought I had breakfast and then didn't. I understand why they threw everything away, the power had been out since 1:30 am that morning but at the same time I wish I had gotten an email or something saying they tossed out my shit. To add more salt to the wound, they used our PTO for the day as well instead of comping us for the time the building was CLOSED. I think it's really shitty to make us use our PERSONAL time off for something we couldn't control. Our manager tried to make it up to us by allowing us to still accumulate the overtime we worked but that doesn't really cover a day off we lost. And the company also gave us a surprise free lunch on Thursday to apologize for the many inconveniences I guess. But the "fried chicken" was shit.

I feel like I've been super busy and looking over my calendar it seems I have! On top of the 10 hours of overtime I try to put in each week at work, birthdays, trivia, random nights out, and exercise sessions fill up most of my time. In between all of my IRL social obligations I also have my online ones. I'm part of Adrienne's Marvel Sigma group, which I thoroughly enjoy, but along with trying to keep the creative juices flowing, it's been hard to make time to sit down and hash out a few posts. I keep up with the group threads since there are several people involved and waiting but the more intimate threads have fallen by the way side and I kind of feel bad about it. But at the same time the person I'm RPing with is.... interesting to post with. Adrienne and I have already discussed this so I'll just leave it at that.

Also thanks to Ade, I've downloaded Marvel's MMO - Marvel Heroes. Of course I picked up Rocket as my first character and it's been a lot of fun so far. The game is super easy to drop in and out of and mostly self explanatory. There were a few things I learned by accident while others were clearly laid out in their FAQ and Help sections. I've done a few missions on my own so far but Ade just invited me into her super group (guild) so hopefully we'll get to on big raids soon! Another bonus is that this game is free to play! There are things you can purchase like characters, upgrades, and whatnot but you also have the option to save up the currency you accumulate in game to get those same characters and perks; it just takes longer but that's the trade off. I'm happy not paying real dollars to enjoy the game but I'm sure in the future I'll fork over some cash to support them.

Monday, August 4, 2014

I hope no one talks to me today.