Thursday, September 19, 2013

So Close

I'm sitting in the little computer corner in our new apartment. It's cozy but not claustrophobic. Joe's beer stuff is over here too and I anticipate that most of his other stuff will end up in this corner as well. I'm not being cruel! Besides, he gets his own personal corner. Just kidding guys, I'm not that kind of girlfriend.

Our place is slowly coming together. There still a few boxes here and there but they're mostly filled with books and desk stuff so those items haven't quite made it to their respective homes. We took advantage of our larger kitchen and actually put pantry things and cookware into cupboards! Can you imagine!? Cupboards aren't something I thought I would take for granted, but after living in Dorset House with only enough cabinet space for dishes and glasses, I appreciate a good sized kitchen.

The living room space is a bit smaller than our last place but I think it works. We've got our couch about 5 ft from the TV which is perfect gaming space in my opinion. We've even got the trunk sitting between the two to act as a coffee table and footrest. Cheers to multipurpose furniture!

The bedroom is usually large in my opinion. They really could have used some of that space for the living room but what do I know. We have our desks and small TV in here along with the bed of course. There are also a couple of shelves that we used to use for the kitchen stuff but what with all those cupboards we have now, who needs them! The bathroom is also bigger than I feel any bathroom should be. Who is spending all their time in the bedroom or bathroom to the point that they need to have the space in order to function?? But I digress. The bathroom does include our washer and dryer so I suppose that's where part of the extra space comes in.

Then we've got the patio that overlooks the pretty little courtyard. I'm glad we decided to push for the "large" patio. It is really nice to be able to sit outside your apartment for some fresh air without actually having to leave. Cat enjoys the patio as well, until the dogs that occasionally frequent the courtyard come out.

I like it. This has been a good change.