Sunday, July 7, 2013


As I wandered around Target the other day looking for baby things for my friend's baby shower, I was ultimately drawn towards the office supplies section. They had so many pretty little journals and notebooks. I flipped through each one that interested me, judging how flexible the binding was so you could open it wide enough to write in it but it wouldn't destroy what held it together. I've tried spiral notebooks or journals but they've always felt too school-like. I obsessively held each one when I realized I've already got one at home that isn't even half way written through!

That's when I sat back and thought about how I should go about journaling and blogging in order to consistently use all the resources I've tapped into. I have a physical journal that sits under my bed side table that I want to use for more personal reflections of the going-ons in my life. RoosterTeeth is my go to for video game related thoughts. And I have decided to use this space to post more along the lines of opinions, movie reviews, and random craft project-like things I work on. It will be a more generalized approach that will exclude sob stories and the more deep, insightful, thoughts that cross my mind. I think that is what this blog has always been but I wanted to sort this all out in my head.