Monday, August 12, 2013


Right now I am listening to the illustrious Ke$ha. I joke with my friends that I think she's "sticky" but damned if her music isn't super catchy.

This kind of music gets me pumped and I really need a big push right now. There are plenty of things around me that I need to accomplish but for some reason I either can't get off my ass to get it done or I half ass my efforts. My biggest hesitation is applying to school. Every time I look at that application is seems so daunting even though I'm aching to get back into school and learn some shit. I'll collect my transcripts and see if today is the day I finally get that shit together.

Another hurdle I keep tripping over is with tracking my food consumption and exercise. At the beginning of each week I'm pretty gung-ho about tracking my calories and running around Cheeseman Park as often as my legs (and bitchy knee) will let me. But then random things get in the way and I sit around long enough to change my mind. It's not even anything productive that gets in the way. It's frustrating.

I can't believe it's already August. I feel like I've already wasted half the year.