Friday, March 30, 2012


So Thursday (March 1) went well.

Very well, actually. I was almost immediately notified to come in for a second level interview. I've never been to a second level interview (or third if you count the phone interview) so I looked up all I could about what kind of questions I would be asked, what kind of questions I needed to ask, etc. When the lady called me I was at work so I only got a message from her asking if I was interested in the second interview. I couldn't get a hold of her and we ended up playing phone tag for a few days. Even on the day of the interview I hadn't actually spoken to her so I went up there early to make sure our interview was truly confirmed. I was scheduled for 330pm but showed up at 230pm. I spoke with the lady at the reception desk and she called my interviewer, Jo.

To my surprise, Jo asked if I could go ahead and get the interview over with. I said 'yes' without hesitation hoping that would make a good impression even though I was very nervous. I had spent most of my morning going over potential questions but I wanted to get a few last minute looks over what I wanted to say about myself and what questions I wanted to address. The second interview turned out to be a lot like the first. They performed what's called a behavioral interview where you answer the question with a situation, how you handled the situation, and what the results were. She ended up writing most of the time so I felt a little more relaxed answering questions because we didn't have constant eye contact. At the end of the interview she blatantly said, "I like you." I was taken by surprise and replied, "I like you too" when the appropriate answer probably should have been "thank you."The interview portion was technically over but we sat for a bit and discussed when I could start working, she showed me around the building, and she talked about what the workload would be like.

She showed me out and shook my hand. A few days later, after I got some wonderful people to write me fantastic recommendations, I got a phone call from the recruiter with an offer to work for Centura Health. And that's where I am now. I have a full time job. I put my two weeks notice to DSW. I start at my new job on April 9th!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Strike one. Here's to Thursday.


Our apartment hallway always has some sort of smell going for it. Today it was what I can only describe as "boiled vegetables."

A lot has been going on this week. A lot of changes and opportunities have presented themselves. As far as change goes; Miss Kara Smith is finally leaving us for more sunny adventures at the Sherman Oaks DSW in California. I'm really happy for her and wish her the best of luck. It's always exciting to get a pay raise AND a fun new place to live. She will definitely be missed and I don't think anyone can measure up to the caliber of awesome she brought to DSW Cherry Creek. She is the kind of manager who takes her job seriously enough to get things done right but not so much that it interferes with her ability to hang out with her associates in a relaxed and casual way. I think that's primarily why most of us got along with her but were still able to get our work done in a reasonable manner. She really is one of the best managers I've ever had.

On the opportunity front, Joe passed on a job opportunity to me from the company he works at. The position is for a Student Advisor and I already had my phone interview yesterday. I'm still waiting to hear back from the recruiter to set up the second interview. In the mean time I sent yet another email to Centura Health inquiring about that second interview. I had a phone interview with them sometime in February and that recruiter said I would hear from them about setting up the next interview. I had been emailed them once a week and each time she said they were still reviewing applications. I emailed her again yesterday and blatantly asked when they were scheduling the interviews and she asked if I was free Thursday afternoon! So I've got that interview under my belt as well.

I would rather have the job as the Student Advisor because I would not only be able to work downtown and across the street from Joe but it just seemed like a more exciting position than the Patient Account Rep at Centura Health. Hopefully I hear from them soon so I can get the interview over with and they can both fight for me :-P

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


After such a beautiful weekend, today seems so dreary. The skies are grey, there's a light drizzle, and it's chilly again.

Joe and I drove to Houston from Denver for a friend's wedding. The total time we spent in the car was about 36hrs and I enjoyed every bit of it! We decided to split up the trip by stopping in Dallas to see our parents instead of driving straight to Houston and spending money on a hotel. Also that made the drive physically bearable. After 12hrs of sitting in a car you tend to get swamp-ass. We left early Saturday morning and arrived at his parents house around 8pm. His nieces were there and I got to finally meet Mackenzie, the now 6 year old (her birthday is today). Joe was happy to get to spend time with his family and I enjoyed my time with the girls.

We left early the next morning for our estimated 5hr drive to League City, a small city between Houston and Galveston. The weather was amazing that day and it only took us 4hrs to get there so we ended up arriving a bit too early. We killed the 2hrs we had before the ceremony by walking around the quaint little neighborhood surrounding the more adorable wedding venue I have ever seen. It's called Butler's Courtyard  and the owners did a magnificent job of transforming old city buildings into tasteful wedding areas. I would want to have my wedding in a place like that.

The ceremony was simple but elegant and my friend, Maria, looked gorgeous in her dress. I could tell she was stressed but was still happy with the whole occasion. As she put it on her Facebook status, "Got married like a boss." After the "I dos" we went over to the reception area and indulged in chocolate covered strawberries and tiny sandwiches. There was also an open bar which Joe appreciated. We didn't know anybody else at the wedding and ended up sitting with a table of random adults. It turns out these people were Maria's WoW friends so we were at the right table after all. We finally got to greet Maria after she had to endure almost half an hour of picture taking. It sucks that we couldn't stay to enjoy the reception and that as soon as we saw her we were saying goodbye, but the trek back to Dallas was a long one and I didn't want my parents to stay up waiting for us. Hopefully after her awesome honeymoon in Paris she'll visit sometime. I never realize how much I miss Maria's company until I hang out with her.

We made it back to McKinney around 10pm and were very tired. My parents had the hot tub and asked if we wanted to take a dip to relax after the drive but we were pretty worn out from being up all day and just had some awesome curry my mom had made for us (oh that reminds me, I need to make some rice). In the morning I made an effort to sit down and hang out with my mom. She asked us if everything was going well and asked Joe how he was liking his job. Eventually we had to pack everything up and be on our way. We were getting everything into the car when my dad basically burst through the gate to say goodbye. He had been on a conference call all morning with people in India and I was afraid he wouldn't be able to get away from it in order to see us off. But he was there for hugs and handshakes and even hosed off my car since it was covered in "road trip." It's the teeny tiny things my dad does to show he cares. I'm glad he remember Joe's name and shook his hand too. They haven't had a conversation yet but they'll get there!

The drive back was pretty hard. I think we were totally exhausted from the entire weekend and just felt tired the whole way back. We listened to music and comedians and I think one of my speakers is going out because of the nonstop use it had to handle this whole weekend. That didn't keep us awake and it didn't help that we accidentally drove through the panhandle of Oklahoma. We tried drinking Monsters but ended taking frequent breaks at rest stops and major cities, and switching drivers. The last stretch seemed like the most trying and we kept each other up by talking. That helped a lot and we made it back to Denver battered and broken, but in one piece.

It was a wonderful weekend with wonderful company and it's always worth it to see a friend get married. Our next trip: Mount Rushmore. It's only 6hrs away. No sweat.