Friday, March 8, 2013

Shoe Upgrade

We had a good run brown Oxford flats. You were comfy, easy to slip on and went with almost everything. I knew we had to part when I stepped into a shallow puddle and the bottom of my foot got wet. 
Culprit - the hole
So cute. I will miss thee

 These were hands down my favorite shoes to wear. They weren't particularly comfortable for long walks around a museum but they were dependable. Just so damn adorable. One of reason I held onto these shoes for so long was that I wanted to find a new pair that was almost exactly like them. I wanted to replace them in the strictest sense. So voila! Below are pretty much the same exact shoes but in black with some fun laces.

I was afraid black would be too harsh of a color to have since I had been so accustomed to brown but these shoes really make my fun colored socks really pop (I also bought new socks at the Gap; orange/pink/white. They're awesome.) So mission accomplished! I finally bought new shoes that are exactly like the old ones! Thank you Not Rated for making the same exact shoes you had last year! :)