Sunday, January 27, 2013


These pens are probably the most exciting part of my weekend. Besides the whole wisdom teeth extraction I had Thursday afternoon. I finally got all four pulled out of my head and it wasn't that bad. Except for the lower left tooth that was basically perpendicular to the rest of my teeth. The dentist really had to work on that one, cutting off pieces of with his little drill, pulling and tugging, more cutting, until it finally gave up and vacated my mouth. Of course that left me with a lot of swelling, but only on the left side so I looked a bit lop sided for a couple of days.

Fast forward to now and there is definitely less pain in my mouth! The lower left tooth that was trouble for my dentist left a pretty gaping hole in my mouth and I was concerned that would get infected and cause all sorts of trouble. I've never been through any kind of major "surgery" before so I really didn't know what to expect. But the pain is lessening and the hole itself seems to be closing up so I think I'm in the home stretch!