Monday, January 7, 2013


I've found a new addiction in Pintrest.

The site features posts about almost anything you could think of: food, tattoos, baby animals, organizing tips and even better - exercise. It's made tracking down new workouts a breeze and there's no excuse not to implement them into my dwindling exercise regimen.

The other night I tried the new leg exercises to get back into the groove. There was the seated leg sweep, step ups (on a box step), and a leg extension with squat. After those simple exercises I felt exhausted and ashamed. But I am still motivated. There are to many parts of me that jiggle.

I am also going to start a "wake up warm up" routine that I also found on Pintrest. I would like to go running in the mornings but  know that I am not up to that caliber yet so hopefully this warm up routine  will help me get my day going with an energetic start.

Here's to the new year and a new me!