Thursday, January 3, 2013


Thank God it's almost the weekend.

We came back from visiting Texas with a gifts aplenty and a couple of colds. The cat made it both ways so at least part of the trip was a success. P.S. - I hate cough drops, as necessary as they are I can never get over the taste. I think I read somewhere that it is merely the act of sucking on something to keep your mouth moist that helps suppress coughs but what do I know.

Overall, going home was disappointing. I have never been more happy to be in my little apartment with the boyfriend and our own bed. The "just us" factor was nice, the not being ridiculed for every, single, little thing I did, and the lack of disappointment from the people around me. The end of 2012 was easily forgettable. I wanted my 25th birthday to be a big moment. I invited all the friends I thought were going to be in town (they replied to the invite as if they were going to be there). I was left with entertaining all of my sister's friends because she was getting her hair cut. The only people I wasn't disappointed by was a pair I knew from high school and if anything, I felt like my party was a let down. I should have just gone out to a bar.

So with the year anew I have dropped my expectation to everyone who doesn't put as much effort forth as I do. Their existence in my life will be deemed a waste of time and they will be forgotten as it seems I have been forgotten.

Starting off the New Year with the resolution to look down upon those who don't meet my expectations seems crass but I counter that by having a more positive outlook for myself. Just because most of the individuals around me cannot be counted on doesn't mean I still can't make a difference or that people as a whole aren't inherently good. I'm just choosing to not look as closely anymore because you will always find failure.

To the masses!