Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Social Experiment

I don't know why I call it that. It just sounds cool but I don't know if this really qualifies as a social experiment.

Recently I've noticed that my Facebook "friends" have littered the news feed with EVERY.SINGLE.EMOTION.THEY.POSSESS. And it's getting a little unnerving. I mean, how can you update your status about every single moment of your life? Sure, your life is probably great right now. Got a new job, new boyfriend, new place. Freedoms you've never experienced before, experiences you never thought you'd get to have. The possibilities are endless.

But... does EVERYONE have to know? I feel like what's shared on Facebook belongs in a goddamn diary. I get tired of every single waking moment of a person's life being displayed on something as accessible as a Facebook page. What is the appeal? Do you need the attention of all 694 of your "friends?" Are you hoping someone will "like" your status about sleeping in on a Saturday (which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way)?

So I decided to partake in this absurd ritual. I had also just watched an episode of Parks and Rec where Tom and Donna try to keep Ron "on the grid" which inspired me to push my mobile social presence to it's fullest potential.

From today forward I will be Tweeting, Instagraming, and Facebooking to my heart's content. This may go one for days, weeks, maybe even months! Depending on how bored I get with my own life. So join me! Indulge my every waking update. Or ignore it, that's cool too.