Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pintrest - Organizing a t-shirt drawer

I've seen various blogs depicting Pintrest Fails but none that showed people trying all these DIY projects with normal to great success.

I found a pin that helped with organizing your t-shirt drawer. The lady who posted this idea describes reorganizing her son's t-shirt drawer. She listed very simple and clear instructions and although she was dealing with shirts that were probably bigger than mine and slightly different in shape, I thought I'd try it out anyway.

Before: shirts barely fit. Hard to find the one I wanted to wear

After: I fit more shirts in the drawer than were originally in there. Huzzah!

The project was mostly a success. I was able to fit a few more shirts than were in the drawer before but since my dresser is kind of small the shirts stuck UP a little too much and got stuck in the dresser when I tried to pull out the drawer again. I just squished down what I could to make it fit and hopefully not get stuck. Another remedy I could try would be to double fold those shirts that stick up but then I'd end up taking up more room in the drawer. The ultimate answer would just to get a bigger dresser.

Stan "helping"