Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Our apartment hallway always has some sort of smell going for it. Today it was what I can only describe as "boiled vegetables."

A lot has been going on this week. A lot of changes and opportunities have presented themselves. As far as change goes; Miss Kara Smith is finally leaving us for more sunny adventures at the Sherman Oaks DSW in California. I'm really happy for her and wish her the best of luck. It's always exciting to get a pay raise AND a fun new place to live. She will definitely be missed and I don't think anyone can measure up to the caliber of awesome she brought to DSW Cherry Creek. She is the kind of manager who takes her job seriously enough to get things done right but not so much that it interferes with her ability to hang out with her associates in a relaxed and casual way. I think that's primarily why most of us got along with her but were still able to get our work done in a reasonable manner. She really is one of the best managers I've ever had.

On the opportunity front, Joe passed on a job opportunity to me from the company he works at. The position is for a Student Advisor and I already had my phone interview yesterday. I'm still waiting to hear back from the recruiter to set up the second interview. In the mean time I sent yet another email to Centura Health inquiring about that second interview. I had a phone interview with them sometime in February and that recruiter said I would hear from them about setting up the next interview. I had been emailed them once a week and each time she said they were still reviewing applications. I emailed her again yesterday and blatantly asked when they were scheduling the interviews and she asked if I was free Thursday afternoon! So I've got that interview under my belt as well.

I would rather have the job as the Student Advisor because I would not only be able to work downtown and across the street from Joe but it just seemed like a more exciting position than the Patient Account Rep at Centura Health. Hopefully I hear from them soon so I can get the interview over with and they can both fight for me :-P