Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This is new

I'm trying something here. Something I've attempted before in various other online journals or blogs. I've gone through Xanga, Greatest Journal, Livejournal, and those websites that incorporated a space for you to fill with dreams and frustrations.

That's what mostly filled the online journals I kept during middle school and high school; dreams, boys, frustration, friends, backstabbers, loneliness, new music or a new year. But now, at 22, I feel like I should be at a higher level of sharing online. I know who I am as a person, I know what I believe in but welcome the opposition, I have deeper thoughts and feelings about everyday experiences.

I want to share my ideas and write little stories to everyone and no one. I want to vent, scream, accuse and cry only so I can look back to understand the emotion bursting from me and forgive myself or whatever caused such a strong, and most likely negative, reaction.

I want to be more in tune with my heritage and embrace the Thai culture and Buddhism more eagerly. There are plenty of books scattered around my room begging to be read and more importantly, interpreted. Unfortunately, they've mostly been half read, book marks or folded pages mark lack of time, commitment, or worse! Disinterest.

But all that will be delved into later and in greater detail. This will be a place for me to unleash raw emotion. This is new.