Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This has been one hell of a week. My mind has been pulled in every direction and exercised to its maximum. The human brain is a unique and remarkable organ but is there a limit to the amount of information it can process at one time? Is there really such a thing as a "brain overload?" That's what it feels like right now. My brain is crying out "give me a break!" but assignments and other various responsibilities will not let up. Sorry brain! Stop giving me a head ache so we can get through this!

It's amazing how much the body is also affected by attitude and the mental state of an individual. My head feels heavy and in turn my body is tired all over. But things are slowly coming together and getting done. Each assignment I turn in or errand that's completed lifts a little weight off of my shoulders. I think swimming would help me relax. The last time I went it was the most soothing experience I've had in a while.

Being submerged in the cool water felt fantastic. It physically cooled me off and any tension I had seemed to have washed away. I let the water flow over my hands as I swam, teasing the surface with my fingertips. The most rewarding part of my swim was just watching the calm surface of the water as I glided through it. It waved smoothly and passively. There were no waves crashing against each other, creating choppy and hectic designs. The gentle waves eased my own chaotic and disorganized thoughts. I was able to clear my mind and let go.

I may not have time to swim but I must persevere. I want to end this week as Mr. Jason Mraz would, saying "You fucking did it!"