Saturday, February 4, 2017

Home Sweet Home

I look around our messy apartment, morning light shining through the windows, and I'm happy. This is happiness.

Another quick thought I jotted down and didn't get a chance to elaborate on. I really should find a better way to capture those precious thoughts that don't involve tweeting to an entire world of people who don't give a shit about what I'm thinking let alone actual happy thoughts. It's too bad that's the mentality of the world nowadays; the only news worth reporting is of pain and suffering while those who even dare chime in with positivity are written off as egotistical, self-centered, and unaware of the plight of others by those desperately hiding their jealousy.

But the memory holds up. I believe we were still in Uptown and the sun was streaming through the living room windows. The weekend mornings in our tiny apartment were always beautiful. I loved being able to have the doors open to the patio that overlooked the courtyard.

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