Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Everyday during the week my boyfriend has an alarm that goes off at 5:45AM. That doesn't mean he necessarily gets out of bed at that time but I'm up and commence snuggling until he pulls away to get dressed for work. It's never bothered me to wake up that early but I do feel sorry for Joe. He's definitely not a morning person and isn't exactly awake until his first sip of hot coffee from work. It's funny to watch him amble around the kitchen like a zombie, making his lunch for the day, and then finally sitting down for a bit before he has to head out to the bus.

I've genuinely been an early riser, mostly because my mom never let my sister and I sleep in past 10AM, but I do like the feeling of having the whole day ahead of me. There's something satisfying about looking at the clock and realizing it's only 8:45AM. I have all this time before I need to go to work at 2PM! It's refreshing knowing that I can sit here, check my email, apply for jobs, and I'm in no hurry. I could play a  Dead Island or DJ Hero. I can pack a proper snack and lunch for work. I could workout at the apartment's gym and finish the dishes. The possibilities are endless!

I like watching the day brighten as the sun rises in the east. I like watching the local morning news or have a breakfast that isn't actually lunch because it's already past noon. My day doesn't feel like it's already over before it's even begun.

Look out world! I'm here to seize the day!